Earnest expectation of

the creature (rom8:19)

FRESH WORD FOR TODAY: God will not rest until He can say very good. He works in us until we are fully restored to our rightful place. His power dynamites all around to benefit His children to walk in the Truth of Gods Kingdom. His Kingdom is in this world, for this world but not of this world. His priorities are without repentance: First thing God gave to man - His Spirit, second thing was land, third gift - family. Mans kingship is by privilege, not by creative right. God delegated to man the right to rule and the sense to own.

He gave us a sovereignty within our earthly dominion.

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) (details testemony certificates)

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Jesus Karaoke in Cowboy Church Russia



Howdy! The First Cowboy Church Russia has been branded in St. Petersburg!

God has ruined the Soviet empire of evil for a moment in order to bring people the Gospel! God has blessed Russian Cowboy Church since the Word of God is spread here to save souls of Russians. More than 10, 000 people got saved at a church altar since the Openness of Russia. Millions were influenced by these ministries via TV, Radio and crusades. Many different styles were implemented during 20 years, including a Cowboy Church one!


No matter what the world says or does the true Christians will maintain simple life with joy in Jesus according to the Bible.

We love Western lifestyle as it is all good to live for the followers of Jesus, Who is the Carpenter, the Shepherded, the Ranger, the Cowboy, the Bull-rider, the Donkeyrider, the Horse-rider named Word of God!




Its not a religious temple. Its a barn!

Christ is here because He loves to be where simple people are, no matter what. Most of the time He was in private houses to restore private lives. When some people thought He would erect the temple or empower the country status He, instead, erected private individuals to serve God and neighbour.


Kanas joyful wedding, needy people places, faithful family homes, businessmen crossroads and farmers barns along with His fulltime friends were a part of His temple to fulfil the will of the Father. He exposed the work of the religious devil by the truth of the Word to set a soul free. That attracted people most of all!

We have our pastor who is a founder of a Cowboy Church Russia (known by name Christ Church, Christian City Church) to help people enter Heaven and to use earth, wisely. As the Bible says no drunkenness, no fornication, no greed, no cheating. Know your God, expose the devil, minister to man.

People who respond by the spirit get salvation right away!


Cowboy Churchs barn is full of Western things of rodeo, cowboy, farmer, blues and rock-country music. Holy Spirit is a Master Conductor in everything we do.

P.S. It is not about religion. Its about relationship.





#1 Christian band in SPB nominating-


cowboy CHURCH,   russia

St. Petersburg, RUS


Video: Pastor preaches on Power of Jesus