Sergei Timokin did not know who he is for the first time.

He was saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit and started doing what they will call later the Apostles job.

He founded the fist spirit-filled church in Russia and spread the Word all over the big Russia region via tapes, TV and Radio. Millions have heard the Gospel and thousands were saved, and churches were planted in the former USSR countries.

TBN and dozen other big ministries came to Russia in early 90-s to see the fist Russian mega-church. Many ministries and churches came out of this church in late 90s. Schools and missions, children ministries and prison ministries, rehab centers, family schools, etc. were born like the flowers after the rain. The biggest City Square was a preaching place many times for thousands!

Credential papers.

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) was given the grace of God to preach Gospel to the most darkest place in the world - antiGod USSR. He started to preach in KGB prison while he was arrested for being a Christian. In two years he was delivered. God has put him to preach Jesus in the most public places in Russia: Palace Square in St. Petersburg and to pray in Red Square in Moscow.

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) & Nina

The Full-Gospel movement is started. Mega-church was filled by God in a one year. The whole 5mln people City was impacted by the Spirit-filled church by daily TV and Radio broadcast.

When our church had a special Prayer Night against Russian Soviet Idol (Lenin) the PUNISHMENT was manifested. Lenin Idol, close to the Cowboy Church, fell down. His head was deep in the mud. His bronze body bowed down exactly toward the alter. Russia rejected God and had killed millions of Christians in XX century. God gave Russia the chance to repent.

But Russian Nation still honors Lenin everywhere even in Kremlin. God is rejected one more time but His adversary is nationally honored. God wants to save souls in Russia but rejects to save Russia. Exodus is coming.

the church BIO&DNA

WHY COWBOY CHURCH? In the Bible Jesus called Himself a Shepherd because He came to the lost sheep of Israel Mt 10:5-6. Israel were grown up thousands of years as the sheep of Jehovah. Gentiles, instead, were represented by wild animals. First we were broncos!

Bull-riders and cowboys deal with a strong wild world of bulls and broncos, so do we in the spiritual world.

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