His hairs were white as snow… Rev 1:14

Bible Seminars of various subjects of life are one of the main keys for the Cowboy Church. Church people study for themselves. Than they give the Word to the Nation.


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Several hundred leaders were saved, grown up and ordained in the Bible school of our church in these two decades. They serve God in many parts of the world.

Word of Faith is spreading all over the world.

National Online Free Seminary is based on the Cowboy Church Russia audio-teachings.

There is Russian Internet pool for 300mln Russian speaking people, open 24 hours a day  www.UucycXpuctoc.ru

1. We believe in god who created the world in freedom

2. We believe in god who ALLOWS the world HAS the good&evil consequences of freedom

3. We believe in god who saved all people from evil and set them free in jesus

4. we believe in god who offers this salvation to any person who trusts him

5. we believe in god who builds his church through our faith in his word and the power of the holy spirit

6. we believe in god who will come down in person again to fix the world and separate good from evil forever

7. we believe in god who SENDS his people to be stewards of his world

8. we believe in god who gave us healing power by his word and our faith

9. we believe in god who has mercy on us and leads us to victory in jesus

10.we believe in god who shared his kingdom with ‘born again’ people




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St. Petersburg, RUS